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What is a Partial Hospitalization Program?

therapist explains to group what is a partial hospitalization program or php

Many people wonder, “what is partial hospitalization?”. This outpatient addiction treatment program offers distinct advantages that could be right for you depending on your needs. A Partial Hospitalization Program can be the first step of treatment or serve as a transitional program from higher levels of care, like detox or inpatient rehab. Because they are outpatient programs, you live outside the facility and often you can find a facility near where you live. Finding a Partial Hospitalization Program in Denver allows you to continue to focus on recovery and begin creating a new life for yourself.

Just What is a Partial Hospitalization Program?

Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP) are intensive programs designed to provide a daily structure similar to the workday for people that need addiction or mental health treatment. People looking for support in recovering from addiction should be able to find partial hospitalization programs as well as other outpatient addiction treatment in their area.

PHP sessions usually last several hours per day and occur over the span of the work week. People attend the program for various amounts of time, depending on the program. Some programs will have rolling admission, where participants will complete the program by finishing individual goals. Other programs will move groups through the program as a whole and start and end on a scheduled date.

What are the benefits of PHP? This stage of treatment means a return to a more daily rhythm, so treatment follows along with your evolving needs. Therapies during PHP can include:

When to Consider a PHP

People enter partial hospitalization programs at different points of their sobriety. Someone could enter PHP as the first step in treatment or after leaving a residential care situation so they can step down into outpatient treatment while they learn to live part-time on their own.

People choose partial hospitalization because:

  • It is a high level of care, but won’t remove them entirely from their lives
  • As a step down from residential or inpatient treatment
  • Because the court has ordered them to participate
  • As a recommendation after a bad relapse

How to Find a Partial Hospitalization Program

One way to find a partial hospitalization program to you is to talk to your primary care doctor or your therapist. You can also contact hospitals in your area and search the internet. Partial hospitalization program requires admittance, should you choose to go that route. Therefore, you will have to speak with an intake clinician or have a recommendation from your physician or psychiatrist.

Partial hospitalization a part of outpatient addiction treatment is a great alternative to residential rehab if you are unable to leave your home for an extended period of time. If you are wondering what is partial hospitalization and how can it help you, give us a call today at [Direct]. We will be happy to guide you through what all of our programs include and how we can help you be on your way to living a sober and happy life.