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Substance Use Disorder Can Feel Insurmountable

Offering a full continuum of care from Detox to inpatient residential in support of your recovery journey.

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Red Rock Recovery Center Colorado is a nationally accredited treatment program designed to treat individuals suffering from substance use disorder. We can help you or your loved one navigate the often tumultuous terrain of early recovery, and empower you to live your best life. Located in Denver, Colorado, we offer a safe haven for our clients to embark upon a new way of living. Our program centers on a compassionate, evidence-based model with an emphasis on community building and life skills. 

Rehab Centers in Colorado
The percentages below represent Red Rock Recovery Center’s performance versus the National Average of our outcomes measurement system called TRAC9.

Global Recovery Score:

RRRC 11% VS National Average 7%

Quality of Life Score:

RRRC 26% VS National Average 9%

Therapist Satisfaction Score:

RRRC 25% VS National Average 7%

Anxiety Reduction Score:

RRRC -24% VS National Average -16%

Depression Reduction Score:

RRRC -54% VS National Average -43%

Trauma Reduction Score:

RRRC -28% VS National Average -20%

Verbal Craving Reduction Score:

RRRC 66% VS -45% National Average

Our Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs in Colorado

Our expert team at Red Rock Recovery Rehabilitation Center Lakewood, Colorado thoroughly evaluates each client and places them in the appropriate level of care.

Detox Program

Withdrawal management services and Medically Assisted Detox is often the first step in Drug and Alcohol Treatment.

Inpatient Residential PRogram

Create a solid footing in our Inpatient program at Basecamp.

Extended Care

Our flagship programming option is designed to give clients the most inclusive recovery experience possible, a variable length of stay, and the best chance for sustained sobriety.

Partial Hospitalization

Our Highest level of outpatient clinical care, our PHP offers all-day treatment options in order to help clients get to the core of their substance use disorder.

Intensive Outpatient

A step down from our PHP, our IOP provides clients with more autonomy to focus on community service and employment.

Structured Living

Clients in our gender-specific structured living recovery residences find a sponsor, engage in 12-step work, obtain employment, and learn critical life skills.

Why Trust Red Rock Recovery Center In Colorado?

We know that if you’re looking for a trustworthy substance abuse recovery program, this is the big question on your mind. At our alcohol and drug rehab center in Lakewood, Colorado we know it because many of us have had our own journeys from addiction to recovery, and will carry those lessons for the rest of our lives. Red Rock Recovery Center Colorado’s programs are built around what has worked for all of us: a safe haven, an engaged community, and the unique opportunity to recover surrounded by the peaceful, natural beauty that the Denver area has to offer.

Involved guidance, from family and group therapy to one-on-one counseling and practical skill building. A holistic approach that helps you heal physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Specialized care for co-occurring disorders and individualized treatment plans that focus on treating you—not just your addiction. Sober living providing a structured environment during critical parts of your recovery.

Our Community Feedback

Our Substance Abuse Treatment Services in Lakewood Colorado

We provide a diverse combination of therapies, treatments, and programming to help our clients
regain their footing and challenge their substance use disorder.


Our primary therapists are dually-licensed clinicians in substance use disorder counseling, and provide multifaceted, evidence-based therapy.


Our 12-step programming integrates clients into a recovery community that provides great fellowship and unwavering support.

Integrated Care

We believe it’s crucial to consider the complex, emotional impact of each client’s life experiences prior to creating a treatment plan to fit their unique needs.

Family &
Group Therapy

We equip our cilents and their families with the tools to maintain their support network and connect with the Denver community.


For many, addiction can make personal care, career development, and community reintegration difficult. We help clients build those skills and put them into practical application.

Medication-Asissted Treatment (MAT)

MAT is a clinical therapy used to help clients stay functional and active in their recovery while being treated for alcoholism and opioid addiction.


Clients can re-establish their relationship with their own bodies and the world around them through our frequent nature excursions.


We supplement evidence-based clinical treatment with naturopathic therapies to help clients fully heal and re-energize their mind, body, and spirit.

In-Network Treatment Provider

As a drug & alcohol treatment center in Colorado who values accessibility, Red Rock Recovery Center is proud to be in-network with various insurance companies and we are committed to further expanding our partnership network.

A Few of Our Insurance Partners:

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