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Dialectical Behavior Therapy Program

Our Dialectical Behavior Therapy Program (DBT) is a powerful form of therapy that treats psychological issues such as depression, anxiety, addiction, and even eating disorders. DBT is backed by evidence-based research and is a clinically-proven form of therapy. If you are suffering from a psychological issue that is triggering your addiction, DBT can bring out continual recovery and healing as you develop coping skills effectively.

The evidence-based addiction treatment center in Denver provides a safe and relaxed environment where you can go through a period of self-discovery as professionals offer guidance and support. Tackling your mental health issues alone can make you feel overwhelmed. With a professional staff, however, you can finally feel a sense of hope and optimism about your addiction and your mental condition.

How Our Dialectical Behavior Therapy Program Works

group dialectical behavior therapy program explore benefits of the therapeutic modalityDialectical Behavioral Therapy is a process that entails different stages, all leading to you getting a successful recovery. These stages include:

  1. Identify and control your disorders and behaviors
  2. Learn to express your emotions and talk about your past/current struggles
  3. Learn how to solve your problems successfully and maintain a stable life
  4. Reconnect with others by improving your communication skills

Throughout these stages, you will focus on gaining skills in the areas of emotional regulation, distress tolerance, mindfulness, and interpersonal effectiveness. You will also discover how this step-by-step process can help you take the necessary small steps to make big changes.

You can participate in DBT in both individual and group settings. Also, by phone coaching with your Red Rock Recovery Center therapist. We can help you track your progress so that you can see a direct connection between the therapy and your growth.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy at Red Rock Recovery Center

We offer dialectical behavior therapy as a part of our evidence-based addiction treatment center in Denver. In addition, we also provide the following services:

Also, when combined with other forms of therapy, DBT offers an effective solution for treating your mood disorders, depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. Through Dialectical Behavior Therapy, you can also address issues such as emotional regulation, impulsivity, self-harming, self-esteem issues, dangerous behaviors, or suicidal tendencies.

Evidence-Based Therapy

Dialectical Behavior Therapy is known as an evidence-based treatment. The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) and the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) both endorse DBT as a form of treatment.

DBT has also helped individuals in the following ways:

  • Reduces emotional distress in several disorders
  • Reduces self-harming practices such as cutting
  • Retains individuals who seek the treatment time and again
  • Reduces symptoms of personality disorders and psychological disorders
  • Decreases drug and alcohol use for those dealing with substance abuse issues
  • Helps develop stronger coping skills

Dialectical Behavior Therapy Program at Red Rock Recovery Center

In conclusion, if you would like to find out more about the dialectical behavior therapy program and outpatient DBT in Denver, contact us today at (855) 218-7588. We provide DBT in addition to other forms of psychological treatment and therapy to help you overcome your addiction. We can get you on the road to recovery today at our treatment center.

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