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Outpatient Addiction Therapy Services Lakewood Colorado

Substance abuse is an ugly thing. When left untreated, it can tear apart families and lives in less time than you may think. Of course, the destruction it causes is not just physical. There’s also a great deal of mental anguish. Unfortunately, it can be all too easy to ignore these aspects of substance abuse recovery, although they are just as, if not more, important to treat than the physical symptoms. While the withdrawal and physical dependency may be a motivator to some to continue using, a substance abuse disorder typically starts well before physical dependency sets in. A single use here or there can turn into regular social use, which turns into a bad habit, and so on, snowballing out of control. Identifying and correcting the thought patterns that enable and facilitate substance abuse is the goal of outpatient addiction therapy services in Colorado at Red Rock Recovery Center.

Addiction Therapy Services at Red Rock Recovery

At Red Rock Recovery Center, we understand the need for a comprehensive treatment plan. For this reason, all of our programs include therapeutic options designed to facilitate a full recovery. Treating only a client’s physical symptoms does not give them the best chance at sobriety. A dual focus on both medical treatments and talk therapies helps provide our clients with a complete treatment regimen. This approach is significantly more successful than treatment without therapy or vice versa.

We are all individuals, and thus substance abuse affects our minds in different ways. For many, substance abuse may represent a way to destress or escape. For others, it may be a way to feel excitement or contentment. No matter the details of the psychological dependence, outpatient addiction therapy services can help clients evaluate themselves and their mental processes objectively. We offer several outpatient addiction therapy services in Lakewood Colorado, including:

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Individual counseling is one of the more common approaches to substance abuse therapy. Counselors work with clients to shed light on thought patterns and mental fallacies which facilitate their substance abuse. At Red Rock, we also offer extensive wilderness excursions and other outdoor therapy modalities. Each of these options provides clients with new and different ways to relate to themselves and the world around them without the use of intoxicating substances.

Stronger Together at Red Rock Recovery Center

We’ve all heard the term quitting cold turkey. Even for a substance like nicotine, attempting to stop abruptly can be surprisingly difficult. Therefore, seeking out help for ending substance abuse is imperative. The advantage of having a team of trained recovery specialists in your corner is huge. At Red Rock Recovery, the full force of our recovery community has your back. Our network of recovering individuals, counselors, medical professionals, and local community members can provide assistance that starts the moment you step through the door. The relationships our recovery community network facilitates can last a lifetime.

So come and discover for yourself the type of excellent treatment you can receive through Red Rock Recovery Center’s outpatient addiction therapy services in Denver. We offer multiple options and avenues of treatment to ensure we can provide a fully restorative experience. Effectively targeting all factors contributing to substance abuse helps make sobriety last down the road. Should temptations ever arise, our integrated recovery community is always available to provide support or help keep your head above water. Stop fighting a losing battle on your own! Red Rock Recovery has the support and therapies you need. Call (855) 218-7588 today.

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