Many substance use disorder treatment programs only offer 30 to 60-day programs before discharging their clients. While this may be satisfactory in milder cases, it’s often not enough. A month or two allows clients to begin building the foundation for long-term recovery. However, they may not yet have a firm grasp on the new habits and behaviors necessary to avoid relapse. After all, the goal for recovery is life-long abstinence. For this reason, Red Rock Recovery Center offers an extended care program to Denver and the surrounding area.

Extended care allows clients more time to feel secure in their new lifestyle before returning to living independently. They build autonomy slowly over time to build their confidence.

a doctor discusses an extended care program with a client

Extended Care Program at Red Rock

Red Rock Recovery Center is an accredited facility by both the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities and the Joint Commission. We offer a three to six-month extended care program in Denver focused on providing a true bridge to recovery through high-quality group and individual therapy. Red Rock Recovery Center creates a balanced approach to recovery.

This balance includes the following:

  • Support from medical staff specializing in addiction medicine and psychiatry
  • Strong peer and community component
  • Counseling facilitated by masters level licensed clinicians

We also have a strong recreational component to all of our addiction treatment programs. Clients can participate in an adventure therapy program to unwind and find healthy coping mechanisms.

The extended care program at Red Rock is evidence of our commitment to helping our clients achieve health and wellness for the long-term. If you’re struggling with a substance use disorder, then we can help you too. Simply reach out by calling 855.218.7588 today.

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