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Group Therapy Program

Woman speaking at a group therapy program in Denver COA group therapy program is an integral part of addiction treatment. When clients are in a group setting, they receive support from peers who are in a similar situation. They can learn from each other’s experiences, gain feedback, and create a network of sober friends.

What Is Group Therapy?

Research shows that having a strong support network helps people stay sober. When someone has an addiction, they can feel like they are all alone. They may feel scared, lost or ashamed. At times, it seems like there is no one to confide in or talk to.

A group therapy program in Denver gives individuals the chance to share their experiences and start to heal. Individuals can connect with each other in the group and gain clarity about their recovery journey. A group therapy program leverages the power of human connection to give each person support as they recover.

There are many types of therapy programs available. These programs may use a counselor or therapist. Some of them are merely a group of people sharing and working together. A group therapy program may consist of psychotherapy, support groups, traditional group therapy or a self-help group.

How It Works

A group can serve as friends and family when someone needs support the most. It is a place where individuals can find understanding, love, and support. In addition, a group setting gives the individual a chance to develop healthy behaviors outside of their addiction.

While each group therapy program may be different, there are a few things that are generally the same. In most cases, there are about four to ten members in the group. The sessions last for one or two hours. Depending on the therapy program, the group may meet one or more times a week. While a therapist often leads the sessions, the session may also involve just a collection of people with shared experiences.

In a group setting, individuals talk about their recovery and therapy experiences. They may brainstorm solutions to shared problems as a group. Some group therapy programs involve lectures or role-play exercises. Meanwhile, other addiction therapy services provide a less structured environment.

The Benefits

A group setting gives individuals a chance to learn about their addiction from peers who are going through the same problems. Individuals can learn ways to cope with triggers and cravings. It is also a place where people can share tips about avoiding unhealthy behaviors, situations, and people.

This group setting is a safe place where people can share their feelings, experiences, and worries. They can learn useful lessons from group members and talk about the future. To get the most out of therapy, individuals should participate in meetings and healthily confront their issues. Regular attendance is key to benefitting from this kind of therapy program.

Getting Help for an Addiction

From adventure therapy programs to partial hospitalization programs, there are many options available for clients. Each person and addiction is unique, so individualized treatment can help clients attain the best outcome. Before going to rehab, individuals should talk to an addiction counselor or specialist to determine the program options that are right for them. At the rehab center, clients can choose from options such as:

If you or a loved one has a substance abuse disorder, you don’t have to suffer alone. You can begin your recovery journey at Colorado’s Red Rock Recovery Center. With the right program, you can overcome your addiction and enjoy a normal, healthy life. To find out more about our group therapy program in Denver, call us today at (855) 218-7588.

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