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Womens Drug Rehab Center

Womens Drug Rehab Center in Denver

Finding the perfect rehab program is challenging for some women. After all, it’s not every day that they look for treatment to help them overcome addiction. Thankfully, there are ways to make this process easier. One way is to look for a Women’s Drug and Alcohol Rehab.

What Is A Womens Drug Rehab Center?

As the name suggests, a female rehab program is one that is specialized enough to help women overcome drug addiction. While it might sound odd for a rehab center to build programming or curriculum that focuses on men or women, it’s actually very important. Men and women have different needs when it comes to substance recovery. A competent Rehab Program can speed up the entire process and provide specialized support.

Do Men and Women Need Different Treatment Programs?

The answer to this question is not the same for every person seeking treatment. There are obvious reasons and scenarios that would warrant someone finding a completely gender specific program. Call today to discuss this issue with a treatment professional.

On the surface, it would seem like addiction treatment programs work for both genders. In truth, rehab centers have to consider many differences when they treat men and women.

In fact, the very reason why men and women abuse drugs often differs. One example could be, but limited to: women are more likely to abuse drugs to lose weight. On the other hand, men are more likely to abuse drugs to fit in with others.

These differences alone make it essential for women to find a womens drug rehab center that can accomodate them in a safe trauma informed environment. The quicker that facilities address the source of the problem, the faster that they can help women overcome the disease.

Group Therapy

Group therapy at RRRC is mostly coed. Group counseling works in the same way for both genders, the topics vary, the barriers to recovery vary, and the program needs to be trauma informed.

The point of group therapy is for people to share their experiences and build a community in which they trust to become vulnerable and process many things. Community is a keystone of RRRC’s program, reminding  our clients that they aren’t alone.

At Red Rock Recovery Center, these connections grow faster and more naturally. Experts find that with a proper clinical curriculum, and an experienced/ credentialed clinician, women can engage in group counseling in a vulnerable and safe environment.

Holistic Treatment

Studies find that women tend to benefit from holistic treatment more than men. Because of that, it’s crucial for a womens drug rehab center to offer holistic services. In fact, several services offer a wide variety of benefits, including:

Red Rock Recovery Center Offers Gender-Specific Rehab

At Red Rock Recovery Center, we’re more than just a womens drug rehab center. We provide care for both genders, but the critical difference is that we customize each person’s treatment plan. As a result, women get the benefits of a womens drug rehab. In addition, men get the benefits of a men’s rehab program.

For womens drug rehab to work, though, a facility has to offer specific treatment options. Red Rock Recovery Center takes great pride in providing a range of programs, such as:

Find out if womens drug rehab is the right choice for you. Fight back against your addiction, and give yourself access to the tools that you need. Reach out to Red Rock Recovery Center today at (855) 218-7588 when you’re ready for help.

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