Red Rock Recovery Center’s Family Therapy Program

Beginning with your very first call, our admissions team will guide you with a step-by-step process that will make for a smooth transition into our recovery program. Red Rock Recovery Center Staff understands admitting your loved one into treatment can be a very stressful and heartbreaking process, and we are here to offer support every step of the way.

We will provide a detailed outline of our treatment program. We will also give all parties involved the opportunity to have any and all questions and concerns answered. Of course, families are welcome to have a tour of our facilities as well as meet our clinical staff at any point.

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When it comes to substance use disorder treatment, we know what’s important. Our team knows that allowing family members to learn about addiction and heal their own wounds is vital to supporting the long-term recovery of their loved one. Our Family Therapy Program shows our commitment to community building as well as family support. Red Rock proudly offers weekly online virtual Family support sessions. This session is facilitated by one of our Licensed Therapists. In this weekly group each family is offered support, guidance, and reassurance that their loved one is safe. Ranging from education on appropriate boundaries, to basic psychoeducational on Substance Use Disorder, we attempt to offer the framework for a deeper understanding of the recovery process and to best support the individual in our care.

Upon intake each client is assigned to one of our Primary Therapists caseload for individual counseling. This Therapist will then be the primary point of contact for the family. You can expect our therapists to reach out for an introduction within one to two days of arrival. From there they offer phone or email updates, and support weekly or every other week. As much as we support family involvement, we also focus on and encourage our clients to start to form more independence and new support systems in their immediate recovery community.

If you’d like to turn your life around, then give Red Rock Recovery a call today at 855.218.7588 to talk to our rehab admissions team.

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