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Meth Addiction

Meth Addiction and Meth Rehab

Methamphetamine and other “Stimulants”

Methamphetamine, also commonly referred to as “Meth” is one of the most common drug abused that is classified as a Stimulant. Stimulants are a class of drugs that accelerate or speed up messages traveling between the brain and body, and increase vital signs like heart rate and blood pressure. They are known to make a person feel exponentially more alert, awake, energized, and brief moments categorized as “euphoric”. Stimulants include commonly used things like caffeine, and nicotine, but also prescribed and illicit drugs like amphetamines and cocaine. It is common for those who abuse or use Meth or other stimulants in excess to experience insomnia (sleep deprivation) and decreased appetite resulting in drastic weight loss, and some even develop acute psychotic symptoms

Symptoms of Meth Addiction

The below criteria was taken from the latest Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM 5) used by licensed clinicians to diagnose and treat various substance use disorders. If someone meets two or more of the above criteria, there may be a Meth or stimulant abuse disorder present.

  • Stimulant take in larger amounts or over a longer period than intended
  • Persistent desire or unsuccessful efforts to cut down or control Stimulant Use
  • Significant amount of time spent trying to obtain, use or recover from the stimulant
  • Craving or strong desire or urge to use the stimulant
  • Recurrent Stimulant Use resulting in failure to fulfill major role obligations at work, school or home
  • Use continues despite persistent or recurrent stimulant exacerbated social or interpersonal problems
  • Important social, occupational or recreational activities are abandoned or reduced due to Stimulant Use
  • Recurrent Stimulant Use in physically hazardous situations
  • Use continues despite persistent or recurrent stimulant-related physical or psychological problems
  • Tolerance not due to prescribed Stimulant Medication (e.g. Attention Deficit Disorder or Narcolepsy)
    • Marked increase in stimulant amounts needed to reach Intoxication or desired effect OR
    • Markedly diminished effect with continued use of the same stimulant amount
  • Withdrawal not due to prescribed Stimulant Medication (e.g. Attention Deficit Disorder or Narcolepsy)
    • Characteristic stimulant withdrawal symptoms (see above) OR
    • Stimulant or similar agent is taken to relieve or avoid withdrawal symptoms

Meth Addiction is something that is treatable. Red Rock Recovery Center offers various treatment options to assist you or your loved one through this struggle. Call now to learn about our different Drug Rehab options.

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