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12 Step Therapy Program

The team at Red Rock Recovery devotes itself to the health and wellbeing of our clients. This includes supplying a wide array of treatment types and program offerings. If there is a therapy or treatment that can help our clients, we want to make it available to you. From the experimental to the tried and true, we exhaust every option when it comes to the care of our patients. For example, our client engagement with a 12 Step Program in Denver has been a staple of our addiction treatment programs for years. This type of program is evidence-based and has found great success in treating substance abuse. Today, there are several unique types of 12 step programs specializing in several specific substance abuse issues.

What Exactly is a 12 Step Therapy Program?

A 12 step program may be a term you are familiar with, but maybe you don’t quite know the specifics. This is common, especially for people without experience with some form of substance abuse treatment either themselves or through a loved one. As a form of treatment program, 12 step programs have been around for decades. Even today, there are groups all over the United States practicing the principles it teaches.

a counselor tells a man about the 12 step therapy programThe first 12 step program started in 1935. Later, as it began to take off in popularity, the program’s founders published the steps to help facilitate and guide the growing number of groups popping up around the country. One of the characteristics of these programs is that they retain relatively small groups that are informally led and structured.

Another name for these groups and programs is “fellowships.” This is an accurate way to describe many of them, as the people in these programs form very close, supportive bonds. Becoming close with people struggling in the same way you are can provide an invaluable resource. The individuals in these programs rely on each other for mutual support and encouragement.

Join the Red Rock Recovery Community

Red Rock Recovery is steadfast in our mission to build and maintain our recovery community. Of course, this community is no temporary thing. Each client, therapist, counselor, and clinician is a member of a lifelong recovery community that provides support and resources when necessary. Our philosophy on community is essentially what all 12 step therapy programs focus on. First referred to as “Alcoholics Anonymous,” today’s 12 step programs now encompass several substance use disorders such as:

  • Narcotics
  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Methamphetamines
  • Behavioral addictions (i.e., gambling, sex)

The adaptability of the 12 step program comes from the mutual support communities they create. By pooling the strength and determination of several individuals struggling with substance abuse, they can collectively support each other throughout the process. The core principle is that alone we are weak, but together we are strong. Discover the strength you can gain as part of a 12 step program recovery community.

Red Rock Recovery Center provides integration into a 12 step program in Denver as an option for a variety of substance use disorders. The mutual support and respect clients can find in these program sessions are invaluable in forming a close-knit recovery community. Other addiction therapy services available alongside 12-step meetings include the following:

We can also connect clients with job opportunities, housing options, and other necessities for a successful, sober life. Reach out to Red Rock Recovery today at (855) 218-7588 and become a part of something life-changing for yourself and many others.


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