a woman wonders how long does it take to break an addiction

How Long Does It Take to Break an Addiction?

Substance abuse isn’t something that develops in a day. Unfortunately, recovery isn’t instant, either. How long does it take to break an addiction? Most importantly, how do you start? Rehab Facilities Have the Tools to Help You Regain Sobriety Checking into a high-quality facility puts you in contact with therapists who understand what you’re dealing…

a woman sits outside wondering how to overcome addiction

Can Rehab Teach You How to Overcome Addiction?

Self-help books tackle almost all situations that people might face. Learning how to overcome addiction, however, is something that calls for a more hands-on approach. Rehab is typically the best option. If you’re struggling with chemical dependency today, here’s what you need to know to recover. When You’re Ready to Quit Using, Individual Counseling Makes…

poly drug use

The Dangers of Polydrug Use

If you haven’t tried it before, you’ve likely heard about it before: Heroin and cocaine. Benzos and alcohol. Ecstasy followed by marijuana. Some muddled cocktail of prescription drugs. Out of necessity or recreation, it is not uncommon to find drug users concocting their own blends of substances to get by or get high. This is called…