woman showing alcohol withdrawal symptoms

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can become life-threatening, with delirium tremors causing changes in body temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate. Cravings and triggers can make it difficult to recover from alcoholism without the help of an alcohol addiction treatment center in Denver. While alcohol remains a fixture at parties, sports events and weddings, millions of Americans suffer…

man suffers from cocaine withdrawal symptoms

Cocaine Withdrawal Symptoms

Cocaine is a highly addictive stimulant. While it remains classified as a Schedule 1 drug, meaning that has no therapeutic or medical benefits and doctors can’t prescribe it, it is widely abused. Stimulants create energizing effects and euphoria. Cocaine withdrawal symptoms can increase cravings and cause mood changes, making it hard to stop without the…

woman is lying down experiencing heroin withdrawal symptoms

Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms

If you or a loved one is experiencing an addiction to heroin due to substance abuse, it’s time to find help. Specifically, it’s important to find professional help at a heroin addiction treatment center in Denver both before and during heroin withdrawal symptoms. Heroin withdrawal symptoms have severe side effects that in some cases can be…

therapist uses cbt techniques with patient

CBT Techniques

Overcoming substance abuse disorders can be stressful and exhausting. Finding a therapy best suited for you requires a thorough evaluation of the available CBT techniques. Additionally, your therapist will determine the CBT technique that achieves lasting results and helps you overcome the substance abuse disorder easily and comfortably. A cognitive behavioral therapy program in Denver identifies the…