Red Rock Recovery Center employs a holistic approach to treatment; treating the mind, body, and spirit. An integral part of this process is connecting to something greater, something more powerful than us. And because Red Rock Recovery Center is located at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, our clients have a unique opportunity to access some of our country’s most beautiful trails and vistas. Here they can learn from their surroundings, discover their self-efficacy, and become aware of individual strengths. Our adventure program is designed to create clarity around the participant’s decision-making processes. They also empower them to apply these life skills to their daily life.

“Look deep, deep into nature, and then you
will understand everything better.” -Albert Einstein

Adventure Program at Red Rock Recovery Center

Adventure Therapy Programs through Red Rock include, but are not limited to, rafting, camping, fishing, snowshoeing, snow tubing, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, and backpacking. We do not offer these experiences for the experience alone. Rather, we use them as a platform to instill principles that can be utilized in daily life. That is why we have professional instructors on each of our expeditions.

In addition, Red Rock Recovery Center has partnered with Phoenix Multisport to bolster and diversify our adventure curriculum. The Phoenix is a non-profit organization that fosters a supportive, physically active community for individuals in recovery. Through pursuits such as climbing, hiking, running, strength training, yoga, road/mountain biking, socials, and other activities, our partnership seeks to cultivate emotional stability and strong community for our clients.

Backpacking Excursion

During their stay at Red Rock Recovery Center, clients will have the opportunity to head out for three days on a backpacking excursion. Here, they learn a myriad of skills that allow them to not only become stewards of the environment but also allow them to celebrate their own self-worth as a result of seeing their accomplishments. Our professional instructors facilitate opportunities to illuminate the truths that are often found on the trail, creating an impactful experience for each participant. During this trip, clients partake in group therapy sessions so they can experience addiction therapy in a new setting surrounded by the awe of nature.

Wilderness Exchange Unlimited logo for adventure program

Denver’s very own Wilderness Exchange Unlimited offers support for our adventure programs. Our partnership with Wilderness Exchange Unlimited is one of a mutual belief in the healing power of nature and the importance of investing in community.

Seeking treatment for a substance use disorder can be more than just sitting in a room. With Red Rock Recovery Center’s adventure program therapy program in Denver, you can find holistic healing. Contact us by calling 855.218.7588 today to learn more.

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