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What Are Sober Living Homes?

Sober living house

If you are looking to get or stay sober, you may be wondering, what are sober living homes? A sober living home is a place for adults to live together in a sober environment. A sober living home is not a place you will get alcohol addiction treatment, but it is a place to remain sober while you are there.

What Are Sober Living Homes?

A sober living house is a group home, usually for adults. Sometimes a sober living home will be co-ed, and other times they are:

  • Individuals
  • Private Businesses
  • Private Organizations

A sober living home is not a rehab facility; you will not receive treatment at a sober living home. But you may be exposed to pseudo group therapy and work together on ways that you can all continue to remain sober. Sober living homes can be located in all kinds of different places, some are in quiet and serene areas, and others are in or near cities where people can find work easily and get their life back on track.

Each home will have its own rules. For example, a home run by a local alcoholics anonymous or narcotics anonymous group will expect inhabitants to follow these rules:

  • Must remain sober
  • Must be employed or in school
  • You must complete your chores on time
  • You must get along with others
  • You must attend house meetings

Other rules, like guests policies or food restrictions, may depend on the house. Most operate in this manner; it is safe to say that you will be in a fairly structured environment while having the freedom to become increasingly independent and eventually move out on your own.

What is a Sober Living House Like

A sober living house will be similar to living with roommates or in a doom situation, only maybe with a few more rules, and the staying sober part of course. But overall, everyone s there for the same reason. You will likely become friendly with many of your housemates. So what is a sober living house like? In short, here is a brief summary:

  • Clean up after yourself
  • Respect other people’s things, space, and time
  • Attend meetings
  • Learn to work with your housemates, you don’t need to be best friends but do make an effort to be nice

In most, there will be a head of the house, kind of like an RA at the dorm. The head differs depending on the group or individual that runs the home.

For example, if a private company runs a sober living house, they will likely have hired a manager. The manager will be responsible for making sure that everyone is following the rules and have the say over expelling people from the home.

In an AA or NA sober living home, the head is responsible for making sure things get done and following up with housemates when they are slacking in this situation the group as a whole is responsible for removing inhabitants unless the inhabitant has directly infringed on one of the rules.

Finding a Sober Living Home

There are many ways to find a sober living home. If you are in residential rehab, they should be able to help you find structured sober living in Denver Colorado. Other resources are your local AA or NA chapter, Craigslist (always be aware of scams on the internet and never give people money before seeing a place and signing a contract), a local resource center, word of mouth, your physician, or your therapist may have information for you on places you can go as well.

Red Rock Recovery in Denver, Colorado, offers all levels of care for people looking to get sober. Call us today to find out about our structured sober living program at [Direct]. We’re excited to explain what are sober living homes to you or your loved one. We’re ready to get you on the right track.