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About Red Rock Recovery Center

Red Rock Recovery Center is a nationally recognized substance abuse treatment facility located in beautiful Colorado. We specialize in a comprehensive, community-based approach to the recovery process. At Red Rock, we believe in a recovery regimen which utilizes both evidence-based treatments and modern holistic approaches. By treating substance use disorder from every possible angle, our clients receive the best care possible. This approach, combined with our commitment to community-based healing, provides one of the best possible environments for recovery, for our clients to access recovery, and to build foundations in recovery. Substance use disorder is an extremely difficult, personal struggle. When recovery takes place in a community environment, members of this community are more likely to cultivate long-term sobriety and create a lifelong support system. Read on for more about Red Rock Recovery Center and our unique approach.

Community as the Basis of Recovery

a hiking woman looks happy after learning about Red Rock Recovery CenterOne unique thing about Red Rock Recovery Center is that our community model is fully integrated into everything we do. Through access to individual therapists and world-class clinicians, as well as cultivating relationships with local businesses and community members for our clients, Red Rock can provide treatment for clients today as well as the resources to create a future tomorrow. Whether this is your first time seeking treatment or you are experiencing a recurrence of use, Red Rock Recovery can provide the compassionate structured community environment often necessary for making changes in your life.

Recovery is a complex process and not every person will walk the same path to find sobriety. That is why at Red Rock we find it important to offer as many avenues for recovery as possible. Therefore, our staff works to blend therapeutic, clinical, and experiential services in order to offer our clients the most effective treatment. At Red Rock, clients can expect a variety of holistic therapy options to accompany evidence-based clinical treatments. For example, Red Rock is proud of our in-depth outdoor expeditions that are integrated as a part of our treatment plans. These are not short day hikes, but well-planned excursions that are fully integrated into our therapeutic model.

This seamless blend of treatment options is possible because of the commitment of Red Rock’s supportive treatment community. We care for and support each individual as our own family. This means from the moment you walk through our doors, you are a part of a community recovery system based on belief in yourself, your peers, and your specialists.

The Red Rock Recovery Community

The roots of our community run deep. Our focus on building and strengthening this aspect of our programming extends outside the walls of our facility and well into the surrounding local area. One of the best things about Red Rock Recovery Center is that we pride ourselves on assisting clients as they take the next step after treatment, returning to their lives, and rebuilding. Our community connections provide clients leaving treatment with employment and other such opportunities. This level of extended support reduces the probability of a recurrence of use and sets clients up for sustainable success. For example, along with substance use treatment and support, our recovery community provides:

Of course, it is important to remember that outcomes are based on the personal success (growth) of the individual. Simply removing the physical dependency does not address the underlying issues. For this reason, Red Rock provides clients with a well-rounded recovery program to improve their quality of life across the board. We pride ourselves in offering clients an entirely new lease on life. You can then leave Red Rock Recovery Center feeling healthy, driven, and with an abundance of opportunities on your horizon.

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To provide a rock solid foundation of recovery for a life of community connection and purpose

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We offer a structured, full continuum of services to meet the individual needs of those who come to us seeking recovery in a way that fosters accountability, peer support, and deep meaningful relationships


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Discovering an abundant life outside of addiction


Going the extra mile and never giving up on those who come to us for help


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