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At Red Rock Recovery Center Colorado, we believe that an evidence-based, immersive, and holistic approach can make all the difference in substance abuse treatment and recovery. We believe this because many of us have walked this same path, and now live healthier, happier, and more fulfilling lives. One of Colorado’s few programs and facilities that is locally owned and operated!

Our programs leverage Denver’s incredible potential and natural beauty. We provide a safe and structured place for our clients to seek help with addiction, build practical life skills, and reintegrate into their communities, whether they come to us from the Denver area or somewhere else. At Red Rock Recovery, we help our clients break free from isolation and begin their journey to recovery with the help of our experienced counselors and addiction treatment staff.

Red Rock Recovery Center Colorado Overview

Red Rock Recovery is a nationally accredited substance abuse treatment center in Denver, Colorado. We offer Inpatient Detox and Residential Drug and Alcohol levels of care. Our recovery regimen makes use of both clinically proven, evidence-based treatments and engaging, community-based holistic services. Wherever our clients are in their recovery process, we have programming and opportunities that can help them regain their footing and reclaim the parts of their lives that have been held back by addiction.

Individual Counseling Program


helps clients address the root causes of their substance use disorder

Group Therapy Program


surrounds you with other like-minded individuals so that you recover with the support of your peers

Family Therapy Program


to help patients and their loved ones reconnect and communicate their needs

Life Skills Program


that get clients ready for the responsibilities of life after treatment

12 Step Program


to keep clients on-track and connected to a network of community support

Holistic Therapies


that sooth the mind, body, and soul to achieve inner peace

Adventure and Activity Program

Adventure & Activity

to keep clients active in their recovery while making the most of our location in the picturesque Denver area

Recovery Support Services

Recovery Support

that allow clients to participate in support groups both virtually and outside our facility

Our Substance Abuse Rehab Programs In Denver

At Red Rock Recovery Center Lakewood CO, we’re proud to offer Drug and Alcohol  Medical Detox, Inpatient Residential, PHP- Partial Hospitalization, IOP- Intensive Outpatient, and Extended Care model of rehabilitation, built on a philosophy that every client should be able to access comprehensive support throughout their journey. In practice, this means that we have recovery services to offer for whichever level of programming you’re in.

At every step of the way, clients have access to our various therapies: all our primary therapists are licensed clinicians in substance abuse counseling, which enables them to provide therapy that’s as versatile as it is personalized.

Both during and well after recovery, we offer clients and alumni the opportunity to participate in our unique Adventure & Activity Program. There’s simply nowhere else that lets clients experience the natural beauty around them like we do in and around our Denver recovery center. From camping to hiking, skiing to snowshoeing, biking to whitewater rafting, we help our clients reconnect with the beautiful world all around them that they’ve been missing due to substance abuse.

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Detox Program

Withdrawal management services and Medically Assisted Detox is often the first step in Drug and Alcohol Treatment. This program offers our inpatient levels of care. These levels of care consist of Medical Detox/ Withdrawal management services as well as a Residential Treatment Program. Our Mountain campus is a 7 acre property in Colorado’s beautiful front range mountains. The campus features a state of the art mountain lodge with living amenities for 16 patients, a geodesic dome holding 5 patients, as well as onsite gym facilities.


Create a solid footing in our Inpatient program at Basecamp. Residential Treatment, or sometimes called Inpatient Treatment, is focused on transitioning clients from detox to a stable place where they’re ready to grow and change through PHP and IOP. Before someone suffering from substance use disorder can begin to move forward, we believe they must first make sure their feet are planted firmly on the ground. While our Detox Program gets client’s physically and mentally ready for treatment, Inpatient Treatment is where they start to build their recovery toolkit. 

Extended Care Program

Extended Care Program

Extended Care combines Partial Hospitalization (PHP) and Intensive Outpatient (IOP) programming with access to our Structured Sober Living homes in Denver. PHP involves intensive treatment in longer blocks of time every day, helping clients look inward and uncover the roots of their substance use disorder so that they can address its underlying causes. Our IOP offers clients more autonomy so that they can grow independently and relearn how to operate within a larger community. These programs are designed to offer comprehensive step-down treatment while developing life skills that will help them build a new, healthier life.

Denver Sober Living Program

Denver Sober Living

We offer gender-specific, structured living residences that provide all the amenities our clients need during their recovery. As part of our Extended Care, clients can stay in our Sober Living housing both during treatment and after their other programming has been completed. While in Sober Living, clients will work to find a sponsor, engage in 12-step work, and seek employment. We also help our clients build and strengthen practical skills, like applying to and holding a job, handling bills, cooking and cleaning for themselves, and other responsibilities crucial to living a functional life.

Community Care Program

Community Care Program

For those in recovery who are higher-functioning and can manage treatment alongside their life’s responsibilities, we offer our Community Care Program. Similar to Extended Care, this program integrates PHP and IOP programming — including individual counseling, group and family therapy, and 12-step integration — to clients who don’t participate in Sober Living, helping all clients and alumni to further foster the extended community that we’ve created here at Red Rock Recovery.

Proudly Serving Denver, CO

At Red Rock Recovery Center, we’re proud to serve the Denver area, including Lakewood, Aurora, Longmont, Fort Collins, Arvada, Highlands Ranch, Castle Rock, Broomfield, Westminster, Golden, Littleton, Centennial, Boulder, and our other neighboring communities.

Our Denver recovery center isn’t just in a great location for addiction treatment: it’s in a great place to live. Besides the many opportunities to experience the surrounding trails, rivers, and snowcaps, Denver is home to our extended community of individuals in various stages of their recovery process. With such varied entertainment options as the Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre, the Denver Botanic Gardens, and the bustling Larimer Square, our clients can pursue a life of sobriety in a vibrant, welcoming environment.

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