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Sober Living Program

Along with an increased quality of life, one goal for recovery is extended abstinence from drugs and alcohol. For this reason, Red Rock Recovery Center offers a Sober Living Program called “The Ascent Sober Living Program” to Denver and the surrounding area. We realize that the recovery and treatment process is a journey, a climb, and an adventure. A Journey that takes a community to accomplish.  The Ascent Program is the continuance of a supportive and engaging recovery community that empowers individuals to employ the life skills training acquired in our Ascent Sober Living Program to their daily lives. It is our mission that by attending our Sober Living Home that each individual builds the balanced and comprehensive foundation of knowledge, tools, and experiences needed to reclaim their lives and find long-term success post-treatment. We encourage residents to engage in RRRC PHP level of care and transition to IOP level to better support their transition back into the daily stressors of life in sobriety. If for some reason Red Rock Recovery Outpatient offerings are not suitable we support clients in finding another treatment provider that best suits their needs. Our goal is to move individuals through the program at a pace that is agreeable to clients and the treatment team all the while engaging in the structured sober living program. The minimum time commitment is 60 days and participants can stay for up to 6-12 months. These standards at the Ascent Sober Living House provide a format for clients to grow and evolve into strong, productive members of society. Standards include the abstinence from alcohol and all other illicit substances, attendance of daily house accountability meetings, as well as external recovery meetings, and respect for one another’s safety, privacy, and possessions.


  • Attend RRRC PHP, IOP or Outpatient Therapy Groups at RRRC, or another local provider
  • Maintain full or part-time employment, attend college/GED classes, or volunteer on a regular basis
  • Practice a 12 step program, or Recovery Program of their choice.
  • Engage in our Activity and outdoor program activities
  • Utilize accountability and support from peers as well as from our Housing team


  • Comfortable living space
  • 12-Step Programs or Other Pathways and  Recovery Principles
  • Assistance with Finding a Sponsor and building support network
  • Community integration
  • Daily Accountability House Meetings
  • Job Placement Support
  • Life skills development
  • Financial monitorization and Coordination
  • Probation and Legal Coordination
  • Wi-Fi Internet Access
  • Frequent Outdoor Activities and events
  • Weekly Random Alcohol and Drug Screenings
  • Strong peer accountability and community component through Sober Living Program Life skills development
We  have a strong recreational component to all of our addiction treatment programs. Clients can participate in an adventure therapy program to unwind and find healthy coping mechanisms.

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