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Medication Assisted Treatment Center

Sometimes, medication assisted treatment is a part of addiction rehab. When someone begins treatment, doctor at a medication assisted treatment center in Denveran addiction specialist helps them decide which programs will benefit them the most. Depending on the individual’s unique circumstances, they may need a wide variety of different programs.

What Is A Medication Assisted Treatment Center?

A medication assisted treatment center in Denver uses medications as well as behavioral therapies and counseling. The combination of medication assisted treatment and other therapies helps to treat a substance abuse disorder. This type of program works to support people during their long-lasting, sustained recovery.

With a medication assisted treatment, center in Denver clients get the best chance of recovering from their addiction. This kind of treatment offers an individualized, whole-person approach to recovery. Often, addiction specialists use a medication assisted treatment program for heroin and opiates.

Typically, someone goes through withdrawal symptoms when they stop using opiates. Medication assisted treatment centers taper the individual off of drugs so that they have fewer side effects and a safer withdrawal process. A medication assisted treatment center in Denver is instrumental in preventing cravings during the early part of recovery. Other than opiates, rehabs may also offer this kind of treatment for clients detoxing from alcohol.

The most common medications used in a medication assisted treatment center include methadone, buprenorphine, and naltrexone. Methadone is a clinic-based opioid that helps individuals avoid withdrawal symptoms as they become sober. Meanwhile, naltrexone is an opioid antagonist, so it keeps other opioids from having an effect. Buprenorphine is another antagonist that blocks narcotics from working and prevents withdrawal risk. Clinicians work with each client to decide which option, if any, is best.

What Are the Benefits?

With this type of program, individuals can safely decrease their opiate use. If the client is pregnant, it can improve birth outcomes. More importantly, this kind of program makes it safer and more comfortable to remain in treatment. These medications can help relieve withdrawal symptoms so that the individual can focus on their sobriety.

How Does It Work?

When someone develops an addiction, their mind and body start to change. Drugs like opiates cross the blood-brain barrier to work on brain receptors. This creates a high, but it can also lead to physiological dependence. The mind feels like it needs the drug to feel normal. If someone stops using, this dependency causes withdrawal symptoms to happen.

In outpatient addiction treatment programs, individuals have a range of options to support their recovery. A medication assisted treatment center in Denver can help reduce withdrawal symptoms so that the individual can break through their addiction. Doctors may do this by tapering the individual off of drugs with prescription medication. Similarly, some medications work by stopping the drug from having any effect.

Research shows that this type of therapy is extremely effective at preventing a relapse. It also prevents overdoses. Since individuals receive safe, doctor-prescribed medication, this therapy also prevents infectious diseases like HIV.

Getting Started on Your Recovery

Rehab is about so much more than what you see on television shows. Modern rehabs offer more than clinical, hospital-like services. In top addiction treatment centers, individuals can enjoy strong community integration with experiential and outdoor programs. They can discover affordable options that help them start their recovery in the right way. In a treatment program, individuals can find options like medication assisted treatment and more, such as:

You do not have to live with substance abuse forever. By starting rehab, you can take the first step on your journey toward a healthier, happier lifestyle. Red Rock Recovery Center can help you overcome your addiction. To find out more information about our medication assisted treatment center in Denver, call us today at (855) 218-7588.

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