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“So I was addicted to crystal meth and crack cocaine. I was homeless and …had lost the trust of everyone I cared about. Since graduating from Red Rock, I am very involved in the AA Fellowship. I am living kind of day by day and being happy and working on myself and my program.”

– Anna H.

A Treatment Center That Rebuilds Lives

Red Rock is a Colorado treatment center that provides addiction treatment and instills hope like it did for Anna H., one of our many successful alumnis.

If you are reading this, you might have a problem with alcohol, drug addiction and/or chemical dependency. You might have a mental illness and co-occurring disorders that are complicating your recovery. The medical care we provide at our treatment center identifies the root of the problem and restores you,

How Do We Do It?

Check out some of our programs that auger a long-term recovery process for you and your immediate circle of family members and friends.

Basecamp Detox

  • We provided sustenance like a basecamp offers supplies & shelter to explorers and mountain climbers
  • We use modern medicine to detoxify toxic substances or qualities from the body of the addict or alcoholic in a safe and stable medically-supervised environment
  • Integrate family members when feasible to create a further level of care & support
  • We offer a variety of recreational activities like basketball, volleyball and serene mountain views in the beautiful Colorado mountains to ensure wellness and recovery

Basecamp Inpatient Program

  • An initial landing spot for you to embark on your recovery journey in a medically sophisticated environment with proper infection prevention procedures and symptom screening protocols.
  • We follow a 12-step paradigm where skilled and licensed addiction specialists help build coping strategies through individual and group therapy as well as family involvement
  • Provide wellness programming and various holistic therapies like mindfulness and other modalities to make the soul of the addict resilient and avoid relapse triggers
  • Offer living quarters that are safe & comfortable for everyone including LGBTQ+ and non-binary patients

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

  • Visit our drug rehab facility in Colorado during the day, so you can hold your job and keep your responsibilities
  • Employ a 12-step model where experienced drug abuse counselors treat an underlying mental health disorder and co occurring disorders with cognitive behavioral therapy and other techniques to ensure recovery and reduce the threat of relapse
  • Provide MAT or Medication Assisted Treatment to curb withdrawal symptoms
  • Integrate the local community by working with municipalities like drug courts, public health services and other stakeholders in your recovery
Tap the button below to get in touch and learn about our full regimen of addiction treatment programs.

Who We Are

The team at Red Rock treatment center includes physicians, nurses, therapists, and other staff members who are dedicated to helping our patients heal. They provide individualized care to each patient, and they work with the patient’s family to provide support during recovery. Our staff has the credentials and experience to treat addiction and other mental health disorders. Our treatment center Chief Clinical Officer has a master’s degree in Forensic Psychology while our Medical Director is certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. Our team is more than framed degrees on a wall. We provide all-encompassing support to diagnose and treat mental health issues that may be complicating your journey to sustainable recovery.


► Does my insurance cover this?

It may. Fill out the verification form HERE and call (855) 218-7588 to discuss details with an experienced intake specialist.

► What about COVID?

In providing addiction treatment, we take every precaution to ensure your safety. Our staff maintain proper distance. At our rehab center in Colorado, we disinfect objects regularly, provide hand sanitizers and follow all guidelines on the CDC info posters hanging in our facilities! We also observe all COVID protocols like offering rapid response testing, rigorously adopting all pandemic guidelines by the local health department and beyond and ensuring the proper and secure storage of your belongings.

► Do I need to attend AA or NA meetings?

Red Rock treatment center Colorado follows a 12-step model and believes these addiction treatment fundamentals are strong in ensuring long-lasting recovery and keeping from picking up drug and/or drink.

We Can Overcome This Together

Back to Anna, an alumnus, who is happy in her recovery, as she reports above. For those at the beginning of the journey, happiness might seem like a far off “pink cloud” when mired in the “circling the drain” conditions of active addiction.

The hardest thing is to admit what you have been doing is not working and seek help. Get started by tapping the button below to get in touch where we can discuss the details of a journey that may seem rocky now but offers happiness should you decide to take action.

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