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CBT Techniques

cognitive behavioral therapy program in Denver

Overcoming substance abuse disorders can be stressful and exhausting. Finding a therapy best suited for you requires a thorough evaluation of the available CBT techniques.

Additionally, your therapist will determine the CBT technique that achieves lasting results and helps you overcome the substance abuse disorder easily and comfortably. A cognitive behavioral therapy program in Denver identifies the root cause of the substance disorder and works to solve the problem leading to your recovery.

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

Majority of people with substance abuse disorders have underlying problems that cause negative thoughts and behavior. These manifest in the habits they adapt in life. Cognitive behavioral therapy works to intervene and address these underlying issues to help the patient recover psychologically and abstain from substance abuse.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the best techniques used in substance abuse and mental disorder treatment. During treatment, CBT techniques are applied by a therapist in guiding the patient to set specific goals in the course of the treatment. Therefore, these goals are crucial in assisting the patient in coping with substance abuse disorder through undergoing a series of cognitive and behavioral changes.

Also, the techniques also work to pinpoint the patient’s core thoughts that trigger them to abuse drugs. Once revealing the destructive thought patterns leading to substance abuse, the patient sets a goal with the help of a therapist on how a process to intercept those thoughts can get implemented.

Likewise, according to psychology researchers, human beings need to have healthy thoughts about themselves and their environment. This helps to reflect positive thoughts and live a healthy lifestyle. In many instances, human beings tend to have a negative set of beliefs about themselves.

CBT Techniques You Can Use

Cognitive behavioral therapists apply various techniques of holistic treatment to help patients suffering from substance abuse disorders.

For example, these cognitive behavioral therapy techniques include:

Thought records

This technique examines the negative thoughts and seeks objective evidence to support to disprove those thoughts. Also, It enables the patient to think more rationally and balance feelings through critical evaluation of what they are thinking.

Behavioral experiments

This technique compares and contrasts negative thoughts against positive thoughts to derive the most effective behavior change to adapt. People will respond differently to their thoughts. There are people who respond well to self-criticism. Also, there are those who meet well to self-kindness, and therefore, behavioral experiments help the patient figure out what works best for him/her.

Image-based exposure

In this CBT technique, patients recovering from substance abuse think of memories that produce powerful negative feelings. They then examine their emotions and thoughts during those moments and keep repeating it to help them finally overcome the anxiety they experience.

Pleasant active schedule

In this CBT technique, the patient makes a list of routine activities that they can perform, which encourage positive emotions. It helps them in eliminating negative thoughts and the subsequent need to use substances.

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Cognitive behavioral therapy techniques offer the necessary solution to help us combat these negative thoughts, which later turn to destructive behaviors and actions. In conclusion, CBT techniques provide substance abuse patients with a solution to overcome their challenges. Reach to us at [Direct] to help you overcome substance abuse disorder and regain sobriety from drug or alcohol addiction.