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Over The Counter Drug Abuse

Over the Counter Drugs Are Being Abused

Medications which are legal and readily available without a prescription at our local pharmacies and supermarkets are also known to offer over the counter drugs (OTCs). Over the counter drug abuse is when used for long term posing a risk of developing a dependency on them. Majority of people do not think that they are abusing them when they buy them often and may need residential treatment. This then ends up with them developing an addiction to them and then needing to attend an outpatient substance abuse treatment center in Denver.

What Over the Counter Drugs Are Being Abused?

Over the counter drug abuse statistics show that medications, such as ibuprofen or cough medicine, are mainly found in homes permanently stored in cabinets where one uses them any time, mild symptoms gets felt. Continued use leads to abuse and health consequences that can lead to addiction or even death in extreme cases.

Additionally, some of the over the counter drugs are psychoactive. This tempts many people to use them to get high in a legal way. Over the counter drug abuse statistics show that most teens aged 13-17 tend to abuse the over the counter drugs to get high, and the majority of their parents are unaware. You might think that street drugs such as cocaine or heroin are dangerous but overdosing on over the counter drugs also can lead to substance addiction and severe consequences.

Likewise, over the counter drugs such as acetaminophen have pain-relieving effects and psychoactive properties, leading to many people abusing them, which leads to addiction. An outpatient substance abuse treatment center in Denver can help you or your loved one if suffering from an addiction.

According to statistics released by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), about 80,000 people every year visit the emergency room due to acetaminophen overdose. Teenagers are the most affected population by the over the counter drug abuse. Many of them have died from an overdose of DXM containing cough medicines and other psychoactive over the counter drugs.

Effects of Over the Counter Drug Abuse

Parents should take over the counter drug addiction seriously just like any other addiction to alcohol or substance such as cocaine or heroin. At outpatient substance abuse treatment center Denver, we offer help and effective treatment to overcome over the counter drug abuse.

Common over the counter drugs include:

  • Cough medicines such as Dextromethorphan or DXM
  • Motion sickness pills such as Dimenhydrinate
  • Cold relief medicines such as Pseudoephedrine

The drugs cause hallucination, euphoria, out-of-body sensations, and visual distortions when abused. Furthermore, when overdosed in large amounts, they can lead to effects such as:

  • Breathing problems and heart palpitations
  • Changes in blood pressure levels
  • Blacking out and brain damage
  • Elevated blood temperature
  • Muscle twitching and kidney failure
  • Memory loss or even death

Are You Ready to Find Help?

Do not let your loved one suffer the severe consequences of over the counter drug abuse. There are quality drug rehabs available for them to get treatment and overcome their dependency to over the counter drugs. Advise them to seek help at an outpatient substance abuse treatment center Denver. Give us a call today at [Direct] to take the first step.