Holistic addiction treatment includes a wide range of different therapies and program options. Ultimately, the main goal of this kind of program is to treat patients holistically. Rather than focusing on just an addiction, these holistic programs treat the whole person.

What Is Holistic Addiction Treatment?

Meditating woman enjoys her time at a holistic addiction treatment center Denver offersAt a holistic addiction treatment center Denver offers, patients can heal their body, mind, and spirit. In most cases, addiction affects an individual’s entire life. It harms their physical, mental, emotional as well as spiritual health.

When someone decides to become sober, they cannot merely quit using drugs or alcohol. They need to bring their entire life into alignment and heal problems caused by the addiction. With holistic addiction treatment, clients can truly begin the recovery process.

What Types of Programs Are Available?

The theory behind holistic addiction treatment works for many different therapy programs. Often, holistic therapy will focus on nutritional programs and exercise. Tai chi, yoga and also meditation help patients relax and heal emotionally. Depending on the holistic addiction treatment center Denver, the client may receive options like art therapy, spiritual therapy, acupuncture, massage therapy or counseling.

The Goals of Treatment

With holistic therapy, counselors focus on goals like finding the underlying cause of the addiction. By learning the root causes or factors that contribute to the addiction, addiction counselors can then help patients receive the best recovery support. In addition, the holistic addiction treatment program may assist clients in learning self-confidence and resisting cravings.

When someone begins recovery, certain obstacles like a poor diet, lack of sleep or stress can get in the way of treatment. Holistic addiction treatment helps by working with the individual’s needs. This kind of therapy program offers personalized care and support for a long-lasting recovery.

One common belief in holistic treatment is about overall health. Specialists believe that a healthy body is a key to recovery. By providing high-quality nutrition, doctors can then help recovering individuals enjoy the good health that they need to recover.

In a similar way, daily exercise and recreational therapy help patients reduce stress and rebuild their body. Many treatment centers offer exercise programs such as hiking, adventure therapy, yoga and more. All of these exercise programs help clients begin the healing process.

Through holistic treatments like massage, meditation and acupuncture, individuals can clear their mind and develop clarity. These kinds of treatments help patients reduce their stress levels and boost their focus. Addiction counselors carefully pick each holistic addiction treatment to help the individual recover from their addiction.

Recovering From an Addiction

There are many different treatment programs that clients can choose. While some patients want an outpatient program, other individuals need a partial hospitalization program Denver Colorado offers. The duration and intensity of the program depend entirely on the individual’s addiction, medical history and needs.

At an outpatient program, patients can leave each day to take care of work or family responsibilities. While this option is ideal for people who need flexibility, it is less intensive than an inpatient program. For longer addictions and more in-depth treatment, an inpatient program is an excellent choice.

Before going to treatment, individuals can talk to an addiction specialist about the kind of program options they need. During intake, addiction counselors work with clients to figure out their addiction history, co-occurring illnesses and other medical needs. With this information, the rehab is able to provide the best quality of care. Depending on the treatment center, patients can enjoy having options such as:

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