What takes a outpatientsubstance abuse treatment center to the next level? People with drug addiction ask this question time and time again. However, the answer often stares them right in the face from the moment that they step out of rehab. Rather than focus on only the substance abuse problem, the best rehab centers plan for life after treatment.

Traditional Substance Abuse Treatment Center

outpatient substance abuse treatment center in denverThere’s nothing wrong with standard substance abuse treatment. In fact, people need this kind of treatment to address addiction. However, what kind of services does a outpatient substance abuse treatment center typically offer?

While the services differ from one place to another, both traditional and holistic treatments are common. Because of that, these facilities can aid people in a variety of ways. In general, holistic treatment is more about reducing stress and learning how to cope with addiction. These services typically include yoga, meditation, and adventure therapy.

Traditional treatment involves scientifically proven methods for treating addiction. Some of these services include cognitive behavioral therapy, family counseling, and group therapy. All of these substance abuse treatment center methods have something to offer those who have an addiction.

When people visit a outpatient substance abuse treatment center in Denver, creating a unique treatment plan is the first step. Everyone is different, so one type of treatment may work better for some more than others. The rehab center can determine which programs work best for each person.

Treatment Beyond Rehab

While traditional outpatient substance abuse treatment is a must, the best rehab centers go above and beyond. Their goal is to teach people skills that they can use to get their lives on track again. However, what kind of skills training do they offer?

One of the best things that any rehab center can do is provide knowledge about getting a job. For that reason, many facilities offer programs such as resume building workshops and interviewing skills education. These services teach people not only how to create resumes but also how to interview for jobs.

Treatment beyond rehab also includes coping skills. The objective is to teach people how to cope in situations that usually trigger drug use. More often than not, coping skills training includes stress management. After all, stress is one of the most common causes of relapse among people who are fresh out of rehab.

With the right addiction treatment services, people can learn how to get their lives back on track. They should look for rehab centers that set them up for living on their own. After all, they don’t want to spend all of their time in rehab. They want to be a functioning part of society and experience life to the fullest.

Red Rock Recovery Center Can Offer You All of These Services

At Red Rock Recovery Center, our top priority is to offer more than just traditional rehab services. We want to prepare you for life after rehab with our community-based programs. This type of outpatient substance abuse treatment center includes resume building workshops, life skills training, and proper interviewing skills training.

As an outpatient substance abuse treatment center in Denver, however, Red Rock Recovery Center offers traditional services as well. Our talented staff can create a custom treatment plan for you that addresses your main areas of concern. Some of the programs that we provide include:

Don’t settle for a rehab center that ends its support as soon as the program ends. Find out what the right outpatient substance abuse treatment center can offer you. Call Red Rock Recovery Center at 855.218.7588 to learn how our program can help you long after rehab.