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Psychiatric Services

When someone starts addiction treatment, psychiatric services can help. A substance abuse disorder is a woman receiving psychiatric services in Denver COtype of mental illness. Therefore, psychotherapy and counseling are useful in helping people change thoughts, behaviors, and emotions surrounding their addiction.

How Do Psychiatric Services Help?

In many cases, people have an underlying cause or condition that fuels their addiction. Sometimes, people use drugs to self-medicate for depression, anxiety or other mental disorders. They need to treat these co-occurring illnesses at the same time as they treat their addiction if they want to stay sober.

If someone only receives treatment for an addiction, the underlying mental disorder will remain. More importantly, an untreated disorder could make someone more likely to relapse because they still have to deal with these symptoms. Psychiatric services in Denver help clients treat addiction and any co-occurring illnesses. Treatment might include a combination of medication and counseling.

Like any illness, it is always better to treat a mental disorder early. Trained professionals can help clients diagnose their condition and find the right psychiatric services. With the proper treatment, individuals can enjoy having the best chances of having a long-lasting recovery.

What Types of Services Are Available?

There are many different outpatient addiction therapy services. Many treatment centers offer psychiatric services like individual counseling and group therapy. Additionally, clients may also receive cognitive behavioral therapy, EMDR, yoga therapy or other options.

Family therapy is an essential part of Red Rock Recovery’s psychiatric services in Denver. Addiction affects the entire family instead of just hurting the individual. Relationships may fall apart as the person spends more and more time on their addiction. Through family therapy, loved ones can begin rebuilding their relationships and work to understand how addiction works.

There are a variety of psychiatric programs available such as:

Which Disorder Comes First?

Sometimes, mental illness causes addiction. In other cases, people develop a mental illness because of their addiction. These intertwined disorders tend to fuel and trigger each other. If someone has an addiction, it can trigger psychiatric symptoms or a mental disorder.

For some people, addiction is a way to cope with the symptoms of their mental disorder. Chemical imbalances in the mind may make someone more likely to suffer from a mental illness as well as an addiction. No matter which disorder happens first, individuals need to treat both conditions during recovery.

In a rehab setting, clients can get help through dual diagnosis treatment. This type of program treats the addiction as well as the underlying mental illness. Without the right treatment, individuals may be more likely to relapse when symptoms of their mental disorder reappear. By targeting both disorders at once, individuals can prepare for long-lasting, healthy sobriety.

Finding the Right Addiction Treatment Center

Luckily, there are many addiction treatment centers available that specialize in treating psychiatric conditions and addictions. At a treatment center, individuals can receive the counseling, therapy and mental health services they need. The treatment center may offer help through services such as:

  • Partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient and extended care programs
  • Adventure programs
  • Outdoor programs
  • Sober living environments
  • Resume building, life skills, and interviewing support
  • Individualized programs and affordable options

Dealing with an addiction is challenging, but no one has to go through the process alone. If you or a loved one has an addiction, a Colorado-based rehab can help. At the Red Rock Recovery Center, you can discover the right support for becoming sober, treating mental illness and more. To discover additional information about how we can help your recovery, call us today at (855) 218-7588.

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