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Compsych Drug Rehab Coverage


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Getting clean is hard enough. Then you have to figure out how you are going to pay for the help that you receive or have received. Compsych drug rehab coverage will cover some or all of your stay. Red Rock Recovery will make the process as easy as possible.

Finding Out About Your Compsych Drug Rehab Coverage

Your first step in finding out if you have rehab insurance coverage in Denver is to think about what services you need. Are you going to go to a detox center? Will you be going to rehab after? If so what type, for about how long, or will you do an outpatient program instead? How much does your employer know, will you be able to take time off?

You should talk to different admission centers to find out if they will accept your Compsych drug rehab coverage in Denver. Once you make a list of places that accepts your insurance, make a shortlist of your top choices.

Then, once this list is prepared, you should plan to set aside some time to call your insurance carrier. This phone call could take a while, so be sure that you have at least an hour to spend on the phone.

Here is a list of questions to have ready to as your insurance carrier:

  • Does my plan cover detox and does my plan cover rehab
  • How many days can I stay
  • Do I have to pay out my deductible before I get coverage and are medications covered
  • Roughly, what will my out of pocket costs be
  • Which rehabs are in my network
  • Do you offer the same coverage for all of the rehabs I have chosen

After asking these questions, you should have a good idea about the amount of rehab insurance coverage in Denver you will receive. If your coverage isn’t going to cut it, you have options. If you need to find additional funds, you can ask Denver drug rehab centers if they have a sliding scale fee, working programs, scholarships, or grants that can help to cover the cost of the program.

You can also look at putting some of the cost on a credit card, borrowing money from family, or borrowing money from the bank. In this case, borrowing money should not be out of the question we are talking about your future. Get yourself to rehab and get the most out of it that you possibly can.

What to Expect at Rehab

Going to rehab will be like that first camping experience that you had as a kid, or going to live in a dorm or with roommates in the past. You will be in a place that somewhat resembles a hospital or a motel; it should be clean and safe. You probably won’t have access to your cell phone and everyone will have to share a couple of phones in a public space. The food shouldn’t be bad; it may even be spectacular depending on your tastes and where you decide to go.

If you are detoxing here, then you will spend a few days in a hospital ward setting. Here you will be getting the drugs or alcohol out of your system so you are ready to do some hard work on yourself.

At a Compsych outpatient rehab center in Denver, you will participate in the following types of therapy:

You will be exposed to different types of therapy so that you may produce an aftercare program that will keep you sober in the long run.

Finding a Rehab Center

Red Rock Recovery will accept your Compsych drug rehab coverage for many of the rehabilitation programs. Give us a call today to find out more about your coverage and your options for therapy at (855) 218-7588.

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