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Evidence Based Treatment Center

There are many different rehabs and treatment centers to choose from. While some offer an exceptional level of care, other treatment centers are less effective at helping people recover from substance abuse. To achieve the best recovery support, clients should look for an evidence based treatment center. Through the right range of programs and services, individuals can get their sobriety off to a running start.

What Is an Evidence Based Treatment Center?

An evidence based addiction treatment center can actually include a variety of different programs. The center may offer options like mindfulness-based meditation, nutrition programs or treatment for co-occurring illnesses. The one requirement for any program is that scientific research and evidence must support it.

This means that an evidence based treatmentMan meets with his therapist at an evidence based treatment center center only uses programs that they know have a high chance of working. When researchers are still uncertain if a treatment option actually works, an evidence based treatment center Denver provides will not use such treatment. Instead, they will stick to scientific-backed, time-tested programs.

To be an evidence based addiction treatment center, the rehab must follow guidelines such as:

  • Use well-researched methods
  • Focus on treatments that achieve the desired outcome
  • Choose treatments made from standardized methods that can be repeated
  • Pick methods that have been studied in multiple environments
  • Find treatments where tests exist or can be made to study the treatment’s effectiveness

Why Is Evidence Important?

When someone commits to becoming sober, they want the best quality of treatment and support. If the rehab cannot back the program with research, then there is no way to know if the treatment will actually work. The last thing any recovering client wants is to pick a rehab that is not based on real evidence.

At the best evidence based treatment center Denver offers, patients will get treatment options that actually work. Instead of just hoping that they will become sober, they get proven methods and science-backed programs that they know can work. As a result, clients have the best chance of achieving and maintaining long-term sobriety.

Types of Evidence-Based Treatments

Each evidence based treatment center has a different range of programs. While the individual may encounter hundreds of different methods, some of the most popular methods include things like 12-step facilitation therapy. This kind of therapy uses the concept of 12-step programs to help individuals accept and surrender to their addiction.

Another popular therapy patients can find at an evidence based treatment center is motivational interviewing. This kind of program helps clients look at the ideas, attitudes, and behaviors surrounding their substance abuse. In motivational interviewing, the client learns how to resolve these different ideas so that they can move forward.

Some clients benefit from evidenced-based programs such as interactive journaling. This form of self-reflection helps patients think about their current life and substance abuse. Then, they can build a plan for their future and start changing behaviors.

A variety of therapy options are popular at evidence-based programs. Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) is a treatment that helps with trauma-related anxiety, depression, and stress. Because of this, it is a popular choice for a depression treatment center Denver Colorado offers. Meanwhile, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) offers clients a way to discover and modify negative actions, thoughts, and emotions.

Discovering the Right Addiction Support

While dealing with substance abuse can be a challenge, recovery is possible. At an evidence based treatment center, patients can discover a range of therapies and services. Depending on the treatment center, clients can get support through options such as:

If you want to break free of your addiction and discover a fresh start, our treatment center can help. Enjoy our homegrown Colorado feel within a peer group of fellow clients in recovery. To discover how we can help you start your sobriety journey, call Red Rock Recovery Center today at (855) 218-7588.

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