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Finding Sobriety in The New Year

Sobriety Year 2020

As I scrolled through social media and read so many inspiring New Year’s Resolutions – lose weight, go back to school, keep the house more organized – my only thought was, “I just want to stop slowly killing myself. I want to stop hating myself and drowning in alcohol.”

Historically, New Year’s Resolutions have focused on self-improvement. Each year, we set goals intended to help us continue growing into the best version of ourselves. Getting sober for the new year is a resolution that embodies not only a fresh start; but a second chance at life.

Quitting drinking is one of the hardest things for an alcoholic to do, so my hope is to help those struggling with alcohol abuse make the decision to find sobriety, as well as bring awareness to others on how they can support individuals who are trying to stay sober. Listed below are a few ways to find sobriety during the new year.

Finding Support:

This is the most important piece of getting sober. Sobriety cannot be done alone. When I attended a substance abuse treatment center, 12- step program and a sponsor, the gifts of sobriety started unfolding. Finding support comes first for a reason. Many have come before you, so you don’t need to do this alone. You need a reference point for sobriety and a sober lifestyle. Most likely, you have been hanging out with people who won’t serve as good examples for an alcohol-free, emotionally and spiritually fit lifestyle.

Break the Obsession:

Breaking AddictionThe addict’s brain is about 90% focused on drinking, drugs, or whatever substance or behavior they are addicted to. Now we have to change our thoughts. Addicts are good at routines and fixating on things, not just drinking. The goal, from my perspective, is to find something positive to focus on: the 12 steps, your job, your spouse, AA meetings, reading, hiking, your local professional organization, jump roping. Anything that doesn’t destroy your life physically or mentally is better than something that does.

Treating Your Alcoholism

Red Rock Recovery Center offers evidence-based programs and modalities that build a strong foundation to stay sober well beyond the new year. Sobriety is not just about drugs and alcohol, we have to detox from anger, resentment, and fear. We have to look at our traumas and carefully work through them with a skilled clinician.

There is no better time to begin your journey to sobriety than right now. Make this year your year of recovery. The treatment program at Red Rock Recovery Center can help you create an entire lifetime of peace and healing. To learn more about our programs, call us at 855.218.7588 or contact us here.


Written by:
Stacey Godbold
Red Rock Recovery Center