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Can Rehab Teach You How to Overcome Addiction?

a woman wondering how to overcome addiction

Self-help books tackle almost all situations that people might face. Learning how to overcome addiction, however, is something that calls for a more hands-on approach. Rehab is typically the best option. If you’re struggling with chemical dependency today, here’s what you need to know to recover.

When You’re Ready to Quit Using, Individual Counseling Makes the Difference

At the heart of high-quality addiction treatment programs is individual counseling. This modality gives you a chance to meet one-on-one with a therapist. Because rehab is a collaborative effort, you work with the addiction specialist to put plans for recovery in motion.

During these meetings, you explore core beliefs and values that you may be neglecting. Getting back to them is essential for lifelong recovery. Individual counseling also provides a framework for personal pattern recognition. Dysfunction comes in thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Learning how to overcome addiction means that you switch negative patterns with healthy ones. To this end, you learn coping and life skills. Besides that, there are social skills you need to learn to set healthy boundaries between yourself and others. Of course, counseling is only one treatment.

How to Overcome Addiction in a Rehab Setting

Working with a therapist on an individual basis is one modality. It combines with others for best results. Examples include:

  • Family program participation that focuses on communication skills and systemic problem recognition
  • 12 Step recovery, which focuses on lifelong changes that result in abstinence
  • Adventure outings to develop self-reliance
  • Yoga as a way to combine breathing exercises with movement for whole-body relaxation
  • Life skills training that helps you with putting together a plan for finding or returning to employment after rehab

For many program participants, responses to stress are significant contributing factors to substance abuse. They never learned how to process specific emotions in healthy ways. Almost everyone shuts down at some point. However, it becomes a problem when you reach for a drug to handle unwelcome feelings. Without the proper coping skills, there’s little chance you can overcome addiction.

Dealing with stress in new ways isn’t something that happens overnight. You practice it day after day at the rehab facility. Some of the lessons focus on theory. For example, you meet in groups to discuss specific situations.

Other times, you have hands-on opportunities to solve problems. Doing so reduces stress. Similarly, you apply lessons from clinical care to situations within the recovery community. Role-playing is an easy way to handle the hands-on aspect.

More Than Just a How-To Manual

There’s little doubt that a stay at a rehab facility is a vital aspect of making a complete lifestyle change. Learning how to overcome addiction is more than just book knowledge. It’s the combination of theory and practice with the friendly assistance of therapists who guide your experiences. Find out more about healing from addiction by contacting the Red Rock Recovery Center at *DM_DirectNumber format=period*.