A lot more goes into rehab treatment than just traditional therapy. While evidence-based counseling has a major role, other options have a place in rehab too. For example, holistic treatment works well when facilities pair it with traditional services. One holistic option that makes a great compliment is yoga therapy.

What Is Yoga Therapy?

a group of people participate in a yoga therapy programAs people can gather from the name, yoga therapy revolves around doing yoga as treatment. However, how can this holistic service help people who struggle with addiction? After all, isn’t yoga just a form of exercise?

Actually, yoga goes well beyond stretches and exercises. Some experts describe it as a spiritual science. This science of self-realization helps people find themselves. For those who struggle with addiction, there’s nothing more important than finding inner peace and balance.

Yoga therapy converts the principles of yoga into a program that works well for people in rehab. They can apply what they learn during these sessions to their daily lives. In fact, one of the major benefits of yoga is that they can continue to practice it long after rehab.

Using Yoga to Control Stress

Stress is one major factor that contributes to drug use and relapse. Many people find themselves using drugs when their stress levels get too high. Unfortunately, drug use doesn’t fix the problem that causes stress. In the end, people have to continue to abuse drugs to get the relief that they want.

Holistic options like a yoga therapy program can help them find the source of their stress and manage it in healthy ways. In fact, it can manage stress on mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional levels. Some stress-relieving techniques that people use in yoga include:

  • Meditation
  • Physical posture alignment
  • Controlled breathing
  • Ethical discipline
  • Clearing the mind

Therapists can teach people with addictions these techniques during yoga therapy. Then, those in recovery can use these methods as coping skills to stay sober.

Different Types of Yoga

For some people, it’s hard to understand how a yoga therapy program can offer so many benefits. After all, how can it include both meditation and an aerobic workout? The reason why it can do all of this is that there are many types of yoga. In some situations, people engage in a variety of practices to achieve multiple benefits.

At a rehab center, people may use multiple forms of yoga to get the most out of holistic treatment. Some programs could focus on meditation, while others might focus on exercise. With that said, why is a yoga therapy program that involves exercise so important during rehab?

When people exercise, their brains naturally release endorphins and dopamine. These are feel-good chemicals that the brain uses to trigger a reward response. As a result, people feel better about themselves and get in a better mood when they work out. For those in rehab, improving mood is a big part of recovery.

Red Rock Recovery Center Offers Traditional and Holistic Therapy

At Red Rock Recovery Center, we understand that traditional and holistic services have a place in rehab. For that reason, we make it a point to offer both. Beyond yoga therapy, some of the programs that we provide include:

At Red Rock, we also emphasize family therapy. We believe that involving family members in treatment has an essential role in helping people overcome addiction. We also use these family programs to educate relatives and close friends about the disease. The more they understand about this mental disorder, the better they can support you after treatment.

Don’t let underlying stress fuel your drug use. Find out if yoga therapy is the right fit for you. Reach out to Red Rock Recovery Center today at 855.218.7588 to begin your journey toward life without drugs.