Sometimes, a drug that is legal globally causes drug addiction. In this case, alcohol can be very addictive for some, which is why many will need to find alcohol addiction treatment to regain sobriety and control over their lives.

What Does Alcohol Addiction Treatment Provide?

man is sitting in a therapist's office getting alcohol addiction treatment

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, about 17 million people in the US are struggling with alcohol addiction. An alcohol addiction treatment center in Denver or an outpatient cocaine addiction treatment center in Denver can help. Both of these places will not only treat you to get over the addiction but also offers treatment that focuses on your life after treatment, to ensure you gain long term recovery in your life.

An alcohol addiction treatment program provides both a safe place to detox and will ensure that the therapy you receive will help you get over your addiction in the most comfortable way. They evaluate your addiction and treat even the underlying disorders triggering your addiction.

Additionally, we understand that our society has potential triggers that continuously surround our patients who are trying to recover from their addiction. Therefore we come up with therapies that help you effectively manage the triggers and cravings that lead to addiction.

Steps to an Addiction-Free Life

The first step in alcohol addiction treatment involves getting it out of the person’s body through a process called detox. With treatment, we ensure that the patient undergoes through the process efficiently and overcomes the withdrawal symptoms with no complications.

Furthermore, treatment involves medications given to help boost the recovery success rate and avoid relapse. The medications ease the management of withdrawal symptoms and help eliminate the desire to drink alcohol.

For example, common drugs used in treatment include:

  • Naltrexone – It is applied to reduce alcohol cravings and its pleasurable effects
  • Vivitrol – It helps in extending the formulation of Naltrexone
  • Acamprosate – Involved in reducing alcohol cravings and managing withdrawal symptoms
  • Disulfiram  – It is used to cause discomfort and negative impact on the individual when he/she takes alcohol.

Receiving treatment at an alcohol addiction treatment center offers you an opportunity to get the best alcohol addiction rehab. We offer a therapy that empowers people to use their skills to put their lives back on track again and regain sobriety.

Other Types of Therapy Available

Additionally, we offer rehab that gives you coping skills to enable you to overcome the triggers and prevent relapse once you complete your alcohol addiction treatment. Our skilled therapists will offer you programs that include:

Additionally, you may also want to participate in:

If seeking an alcohol addiction treatment center in Denver, then contact us today at 855.218.7588. At Red Rock Recovery Center, we offer you a comprehensive treatment that ensures you gain long-term recovery.