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Activity Programming

Recovering from substance abuse disorders goes beyond going through rehabilitation and abstaining from the substance. It also involves offering the patient a support system. This treats other underlying mental illnesses and getting to solve the root cause of the addiction, through outpatient addiction therapy services in Denver. One method used in treating the substance disorder is experiential therapy program.

What is an Experiential Therapy Program?

In an experiential therapy program, the primary principle is that perception shapes behavior. Therefore, the patient can let go of repressive emotions and gain a new perspective on his/her situation in life, which is crucial in treating substance abuse disorder.

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The experiential therapy program is a hands-on engaging activity that assists the patient in recovering. It helps the patient cope with repressed feelings and emotions during the treatment process.

An experiential therapy program in Denver is an ideal treatment program for patients who find it hard to engage with therapists. It offers the recovering patient an environment where he/she can feel comfortable such as in art studios or outdoor areas.

Types of Experiential Therapy Treatments

Experiential therapy program in Denver offers the services that help in treatment such as:

  • Adventure and recreation therapy
  • Music therapy and sculpting
  • Wilderness therapy
  • Ropes courses and rock climbing
  • Animal care and guided imagery
  • Acting and role-playing

Some also partake in: 

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy – This involves grooming, feeding, and walking horses during the experiential therapy session. It assists the patients to reveal their emotional and mental states. Therefore, it helps them in recovering from negative feelings as they interact with the horses.

Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR)  – During this therapy, patients can visualize traumatic events while therapists guide them through specific eye movements. It helps them to alleviate negative emotions and distress caused by substance abuse.

How Does this Therapy Work?

An experiential therapy program helps patients recovering from substance abuse disorder to develop a sense of self-discovery and overcome their past trauma. The program provides a platform for the patient to face his/her struggles and overcome the challenges in his/her life.

During the experiential therapy program in Denver, therapists offer guidance to the patient through a variety of exercises. Activities such as rock-climbing done during the experiential therapy program help in simulating real-world challenges. Recovering patients are trained to overcome challenges. It assists in preparing you on how to cope with real life stressors such as cravings and triggers of substance abuse.

Through this, the recovering patient can heal mentally and overcome drug or substance abuse disorder. Besides, it prevents relapse of the addiction since it also addresses dual diagnosis mental disorders such as depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and anxiety.

How Red Rock Recovery Center Can Help

If you or your loved one is looking for an experiential therapy program, here at outpatient addiction therapy services in Denver, we understand the challenge of getting an excellent rehab facility, and we have the solution for you. We offer precisely what you are looking for, and we will ensure our therapists address your substance abuse disorder in the best professional way, call (888) 719-1097 today.

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