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Holistic Drug Rehab Centers in Denver Colorado

woman practices meditation at a holistic drug rehab center

Holistic drug rehab centers treat the patient as a whole; this ties together their entire body, mind, and environment. A holistic rehab will integrate many types of therapy to help the person as a whole find their way to sobriety. Many rehabs tend to focus heavily on talk therapy or 12-step programs only. However, at a holistic rehab, your treatment team will cover exercise, diet, and other factors to prepare you to live a sober life. Find a holistic addiction treatment center in Denver and start on the path to a total recovery of the mind, body, and spirit.

Benefits of Attending Holistic Drug Rehab Centers

Western medicine tends to partition the body and treat specific symptoms with one cure, rather than explore the underlying issues and look to fix those. This is how most rehabs work in the United States. A holistic rehab will view the person, their addiction, and other issues as a whole and look to fix the underlying problem rather than slapping a band-aid on the addiction and calling it good.

Whether you are in an inpatient or outpatient addiction treatment setting, a holistic rehab will:

  • Offer alternative types of therapy
  • Offer complementary therapies
  • Invite patients to learn new relaxation techniques such as meditation or yoga
  • Meals will be focused on health and nutrition rather than the cheapest possible food that people will eat

Holistic rehabs can get as complicated or straightforward as you would like them to be, and they can differ significantly. Some rehabs offer treatments that a shaman in a village may once have offered to citizens; other holistic rehabs will make you feel like you stepped into a Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods commercial. These types of rehab run the gamut in style and treatment theories. When you are looking for a holistic rehab, be sure to do your homework and find out what you are getting yourself into before you go.

Some Questions to Consider When Looking for a Holistic Rehab

Here are a few questions you will want to make sure to ask during your research:

What type of treatment is offered?

As mentioned above, you need to be sure that you are going to be in a place that you feel safe and comfortable. Be sure that you are aware of the program and how it works before paying and going to any rehab center. Look for a program that integrates evidence-based addiction therapies alongside holistic treatments, so you can access all available resources.

What are the Staff Credentials?

When you attend rehab, you are paying the staff to help you to get over your addiction and be the person that you want to be. Use social media and word of mouth to get an idea for what the staff at your rehab of choice holds for credentials. Holistic drug rehab centers in Denver Colorado should be certified and licensed when appropriate.

What Does Follow-Up Care Look Like? 

This one is essential. You want to know that your addiction treatment program will help you create an exit plan. While it may be nice, you cannot stay in rehab forever. Make sure that the center offers ongoing outpatient therapy or can help you find support groups and counselors in the area that you live. For example, a life skills training program or transition to sober living can help you maintain and thrive in your recovery.

What is the Cost?

While you should not be overly concerned about cost, this is often a factor for people. Many holistic rehab programs will offer scholarships and grants to help with the cost, especially if you do not carry insurance. If you have insurance, be sure to check if your holistic rehab of choice takes it.

Choosing a Holistic Rehab

You may want to ask your primary care doctor or therapist what types of treatment they think you will benefit from and go from there. The Red Rock Recovery Center is one of the primary holistic drug rehab centers in Denver Colorado. Give us a call today at [Direct] to find out more about our holistic recovery options!