bottoms up

Does Rock Bottom Matter

Bottoms Up! In the world of substance use disorders is a concept of a “bottom” or “rock bottom.”  Even those outside of recovery programs recognize that to find a way out of the deep well of those that suffer from substance use disorders, there is a kind of desperation that must occur.  It’s the theory that…

meditation therapy for recovery

Meditation Therapy for Recovery

Over the past thirty years, meditation therapy has become increasingly popular in fields of mental health, medicine and education as a way to manage stress and impulsive behavior and improve emotional stability, mindfulness, decision making, empathy, cognitive function, and overall health. Evidence has supported the neurobiological, psychological, and social benefits that come with regular practice.…

Without alcohol

The Miracle

A wise man and a friend of mine used to say “If you’ve got a problem with alcohol, I have a solution for you. Stop drinking. If your problem is with alcohol then when you stop, it will go away. But if you have what I have, a disease called ALCOHOLISM, when you stop drinking,…