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Telltale Signs of Addiction

a woman exhibiting signs of addiction

You’re starting to wonder if you’re showing the signs of addiction. Drug or alcohol use has been out of control lately. Maybe you woke up with the shakes or sudden gastrointestinal upset; it scared you. Here are some answers.

Recent Legal Problems

An officer pulled you over. You received a ticket for driving under the influence. As part of your court date appearance, you received a pamphlet about checking into addiction treatment programs. You thought you had your drinking under control.

However, now you’re not sure. Typically, you wouldn’t have driven after a few drinks. To be honest, you’ve kicked this rule to the curb for a while. In fact, you’ve spent more time drinking or recovering from alcohol than being sober.

Relationship Problems

Your spouse or partner is talking to you earnestly about observing some signs of addiction. He or she points to the bottles in the recycling bin or the drug paraphernalia you left out. Maybe you’re at the point where your loved ones are giving you an ultimatum. They want you to make a decision.

Signs of Addiction Include Excuses and Hiding the Substance Abuse

Have you poured the alcohol into a coffee mug or water bottle? Are you hiding the pills in a different container to have it look harmless when you keep taking them? Besides that, you might have a special hiding place in the garage, under a floorboard, or in a file cabinet. Your stash is something you don’t want anyone else to find out about.

You’ve Changed Priorities

In the past, getting ahead at work was a priority. Now, you go because the job pays you money to support a habit. Maybe you used to involve yourself in the community. Since you’ve started to use drugs more frequently, you self-isolated yourself.

Personal hygiene changes could be another telltale sign. For example, you no longer care about your appearance or cleanliness. Maybe your weight fluctuates, too. Oral hygiene could be suffering and leading to other health problems.

There’s a Way to Overcome Chemical Dependency

You don’t have to continue in this way. Rehab is indeed the best option if you realize you’re exhibiting signs of addiction. There’s no judgment. Rather, therapists want to help you regain dignity and control over your life.

Examples of possible treatment approaches include:

Sobriety isn’t the absence of chemical dependency; in contrast, it’s the presence of a new lifestyle. If you recognize signs of addiction in your life, it’s time for a change. The Red Rock Recovery Center could be the way to make the lifestyle change you desire. Call *DM_DirectNumber format=period* today to start on the road to recovery.