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At Red Rock Recovery Center in Colorado, we advocate for an evidence-based, immersive, and holistic approach to substance abuse treatment and recovery. Our belief is from the foundation of personal experiences—many of us have walked this same path and now lead healthier, happier, and more fulfilling lives.

Our drug rehab programs near Castle Rock utilize the surrounding area’s stunning natural landscape to provide a safe haven for clients seeking addiction recovery services. We offer structured support to help individuals build life skills and reintegrate into their communities, whether they’re from Castle Rock or elsewhere. At Red Rock Recovery in Lakewood, CO, our experienced counselors and addiction treatment staff assist clients in breaking free from isolation and embarking on their journey to recovery near Castle Rock.

Red Rock Recovery Center Colorado Overview

Red Rock Recovery, situated close to Castle Rock, Colorado, is a nationally accredited facility dedicated to substance abuse treatment and recovery. Our approach combines evidence-based clinical treatments with immersive community-based holistic services. Regardless of where clients are in their recovery journey, we offer diverse programming and opportunities aimed at assisting them in regaining stability and reclaiming the aspects of their lives impacted by addiction.

Individual Counseling Program


helps clients address the root causes of their substance use disorder

Group Therapy Program


surrounds you with other like-minded individuals so that you recover with the support of your peers

Family Therapy Program


to help clients and their loved ones reconnect and communicate their needs

Life Skills Program


that get clients ready for the responsibilities of life after treatment

12 Step Program


to keep clients on-track and connected to a network of community support

Holistic Therapies


that sooth the mind, body, and soul to achieve inner peace

Adventure and Activity Program

Adventure & Activity

to keep clients active in their recovery while making the most of our location in the picturesque Denver area

Recovery Support Services

Recovery Support

that allow clients to participate in support groups both virtually and outside our facility

Our Rehab Programs For Addiction Recovery near Castle Rock

Red Rock Recovery Center Lakewood CO takes pride in offering our Extended Care rehabilitation model for those near the Broomfield area, grounded in the belief that every individual should  have access to comprehensive support throughout their recovery path. This commitment translates into a range of recovery services tailored to accommodate clients at various stages of their journey, whether they’re enrolled in Detox, Inpatient Residential, or our flexible Community Care program.

Throughout the journey, clients have access to a range of therapies including individual or group sessions, cognitive or dialectical behavior therapy, and more. Our primary therapists, offering addiction recovery services near Castle Rock, are licensed clinicians in substance abuse counseling. This ensures that the therapy provided is not only versatile but also personalized to meet individual needs.

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Extended Care Program

Extended Care Program

Extended Care merges Partial Hospitalization (PHP) and Intensive Outpatient (IOP) services with access to our Structured Sober Living Residences near Castle Rock. PHP provides clients with concentrated treatment sessions throughout the day, facilitating deep introspection to identify the origins of their substance use disorder for targeted intervention. Meanwhile, our IOP affords greater independence, enabling them to foster personal growth and readjust to communal living dynamics. These integrated programs aim to deliver holistic step-down treatment while equipping individuals with essential life skills necessary for constructing a renewed and healthier lifestyle, making rehabilitating in Castle Rock an essential step to recovery.

Denver Sober Living Program

Sober Living

We provide gender-specific, organized living accommodations equipped with all the necessary amenities to ensure a comfortable addiction recovery journey for our clients. As an integral component of our Extended Care program, clients have the option to reside in our Sober Living housing throughout their treatment and even after completing other aspects of their program. During their stay in Sober Living, clients focus on securing a sponsor, participating in 12-step activities, and pursuing employment opportunities. Additionally, we assist our clients in honing practical skills such as job application and retention, managing finances, self-sufficiency in cooking and cleaning, & other life responsibilities essential for independent living.

Community Care Program

Community Care Program

For individuals in recovery who are higher-functioning and can manage their treatement alongside their daily and overall responsibilities, we provide our Community Care Program. This program, akin to Extended Care, incorporates PHP and IOP services, such as 12-step integration which caters to clients who opt not to join Sober Living. This initiative aims to support all clients and alumni in nurturing the sense of extended community we’ve cultivated at Red Rock Recovery and continued support for addiction recovery services in Castle Rock.

Extended Care Program

Base Camp Detox inpatient Program

The Red Rock Recovery Center’s Base Camp Program offers a comprehensive approach to addiction recovery near Castle Rock, providing medical detox and residential treatment in a serene mountain setting nearby. The program focuses on stabilizing clients medically and supporting their withdrawal management, aiming for a smooth transition to further treatment and encourage their drug rehabilitation journey. With a mix of evidence-based therapies, holistic approaches, and family involvement, clients receive personalized care and support. The facility offers co-ed accommodations, recreational activities, and a structured environment conducive to recovery. Through ongoing care, clients embark on a journey towards lasting sobriety and personal growth.

Denver Sober Living Program

Individual/group therapy

The Red Rock Recovery Center near Castle Rock provides individual counseling and group therapy programs integral to addiction treatment. Individual counseling addresses unresolved trauma, harmful thought patterns, family dynamics, and more, tailored to each client’s needs. Group therapy fosters peer support, sharing experiences, and learning coping strategies. Both programs complement other modalities like life skills training and various levels of care. With comprehensive treatment options including adventure therapy and family involvement, clients receive personalized support towards overcoming addiction and achieving lasting recovery.

Community Care Program

alcohol/drug rehabilitation

Seeking addiction treatment is crucial amidst the grim statistics of drug abuse. Red Rock Recovery offers tailored programs for drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation near Castle Rock, CO. From intensive outpatient programs to structured sober living, various options cater to individual needs. The facility provides gender-specific support and holistic therapies like yoga and meditation. Alumni testimonials attest to successful recoveries. The alcohol rehab program offers detox, inpatient care, and outpatient options, emphasizing a supportive environment for all individuals. Overcoming addiction requires admitting the need for help, and Red Rock stands ready to guide individuals towards a stable and sober life.

Proudly Serving Castle Rock, CO

At Red Rock Recovery Center, we’re proud to serve the Denver area, including Lakewood, Aurora, Longmont, Fort Collins, Arvada, Highlands Ranch, Castle Rock, Broomfield, Westminster, Golden, Littleton, Centennial, Boulder, and our other neighboring communities.

Our Lakewood rehabilitation and recovery center just 34 miles south of Castle Rock isn’t just in a great location for addiction treatment: it’s in a great place to live. Castle Rock, Colorado, offers a peaceful and invigorating natural setting, ideal for individuals in recovery. Nestled between Denver and Colorado Springs, this charming town provides a variety of outdoor activities to enhance physical health and mental well-being. Start with a visit to Rock Park, home to the iconic Castle Rock formation. Enjoy a gentle hike to the top for breathtaking views of the surrounding area, perfect for moments of reflection and relaxation. For more nature immersion, explore the Ridgeline Open Space, which features miles of scenic trails suitable for hiking and mountain biking. Philip S. Miller Park is another great spot, offering tranquil walking paths, an outdoor amphitheater, and the picturesque Miller Activity Complex. The park’s natural beauty and diverse recreational options create a serene environment for rejuvenation. Castlewood Canyon State Park, located a short drive away, provides stunning canyon views, peaceful trails, and opportunities for bird-watching and picnicking. Castle Rock’s natural landscapes offer a calming and restorative backdrop, promoting recovery and personal growth in a supportive environment.

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