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Miami Dade Covid Testing

2020 was a strain in emotional, mental, and financial spheres as the world experienced a surge of cases that waved throughout the year and peaked around Thanksgiving and Christmas in the US. 2021 has a glimmer of hope despite the instances of rising hospitalization across the country. Many people want to resume a vibrant life, including international travel. The only way to take responsibility for the virus’s spread is to get a test at the best Miami Dade Covid testing center

Everything about Covid-19 testing

Types of tests

Most tests use a sample from the saliva, throat, or nostril. The type of test you receive depends on the chosen facility.

  • Viral test – The diagnostic test uses molecular tests to detect proteins on the surface of the virus. It involves swabbing the nasal cavity to get a sample from the back of the cavity. Most people get their nasal swab results within two or four days.
  • Antibody – The test detects the presence of antibodies in the blood. The results are conceivable within one to three weeks; hence, it is not the best for any instant test requirements.

The FDA has a couple of approved at-home Covid tests, which you may use after authorization by health care providers. Each test’s timing is much better now than at the beginning of the pandemic and continues to ebb and flow for several factors.

What causes the different timing results?

Antigen tests take longer because most facilities do not have an on-site testing lab. Therefore, most large hospitals will produce the results within hours if they do not have candidates’ backlog. You can expect significant cities to have longer waiting hours than in small towns and testing centers. We have an opportunity for you to book a test online to speed up the process of checking into the Miami Dade Covid testing center.

Who needs testing?

The CDC  outlines three different situations one should get Covid testing, which most people already understand. These include:

  • Recent proximity to anyone with a confirmed Covid-19 case
  • Present Covid symptoms
  • Recommendation for a test by a qualified physician

We believe you should not get a test to justify any recent high-risk behavior. It is also not advisable to get an examination to cut short a quarantine session prematurely. Schedule a test at our facility if you want the full spectrum of Covid testing and recovery.

What to expect for Covid testing at FMC

We require an online booking to process your details for a specific testing time. The filled form will also help us give you results via SMS. Bring an identification form, such as a DL or passport, to the testing center. We will provide masks at the entrance if you do not have one at arrival.

It is advisable to call our clinic in advance if you have active symptoms. We will make it a priority to contact you if you have a positive test. Are you ready to get your test results fast in preparation for travel or other sudden demands? Fill in the online form now to take advantage of our convenient waiting time.


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