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Lorie Palmer, LPC, LAC, MAC

Lorie Palmer LPC, LAC, MAC, has over 20 years’ experience in the mental health and addictions fields. She is dually licensed through Colorado as a Licensed Professional Counselor & Licensed Addiction Counselor. Lorie also holds two masters degrees; Master in Addictions Counseling and a Masters in School Counseling. Lorie has worked with many different facets of the community in order to best serve clients, their needs, and the needs of the family; as a whole. She is inspired how connection and community promote wholeness, returning the individuals, and or families to their authentic selves to help bridge the gap from uncertainty to hope. Her approach is client centered and the focus is to assist in establishing healthy behaviors, increase social and emotional intellect, promote healthy boundaries, increase coping strategies, all in order to foster lifelong positive changes not only for the client but the family system.