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At Chester Station Dentistry, one of the services we offer is Calgary Orthodontics. You will find that we have a professional, customer-oriented team. When you enter our office, you may be surprised. The office looks like a train station from the early 1900’s. Young and old will learn a lot from the train station. Our orthodontist is Dr. John Huynh. He grew up in Calgary and graduated from Bishop McNally High School. His Bachelor of Science degree is from the University of Calgary. He went on to receive his Doctorate at Temple University. This was the Doctorate of Dental Medicine.

The American Association of Orthodontists suggests that a child have an orthodontic screening before the age of 7. This visit will allow your Calgary orthodontist to watch the growth patterns until it is time for treatment. They cut their adult molars at around six years old. During the visit, we look at the alignment, front to back and side to side. Starting at such an early age also allows your orthodontic team to stop future orthodontic issues. We can identify such problems as thumb sucking, misshapen jaw bones, pacifier use, uneven upper and lower Jaws, protruding or misaligned teeth, and misshapen jawbone.

Here at Chestermere Station Orthodontics, we use the two-phase treatment approach. Phase 1 is to start seeing the child earlier. Now it is age 7, instead of 12 to 14. This allows the doctor to monitor problems. During the resting phase, your child will be watched to be sure everything comes in fine. During phase 2 the primary goal is to be sure the teeth come in at the location they are supposed to. To achieve this, phase 2 generally means upper and lower braces.

There are several types of braces. A traditional metal brace is the best-known type of braces. Now you can even get colored elastics. Another kind is the self- ligating braces. These braces do not use elastics, metal ceramic or clear instead of the elastics they use a specialized clip. Next, you have the ceramic braces. Fake braces are clear and used primarily by older teenagers and adults. They are more brittle then the metal braces are. We also use clear aligners also called Invisalign. This consists of a series of acrylic trays. They are removable, invisible, and comfortable. With these, there is no metal. Next, we have the lingual braces. These braces go behind the teeth, so they are invisible.

It is never too late and lives to begin orthodontic treatment. Some of the reasons adults still use orthodontic treatment because of the teeth fit together wrong, are crowded or too spaced out, jaw pain, or they want a better smile.

Surgical Orthodontics is better known as orthognathic surgery. The jaw growth generally stops at 18 for boys and age 16 for the girls. Orthodontic surgery cannot be done before this time. Our orthodontist performs surgery in a hospital setting.

Orthodontic emergencies are seen as soon as possible. We here at Chestermere Station know the pain and embarrassment of having a dental emergency. If a band or bracket on your braces becomes loose, they need to be refitted as soon as possible. If the wire is hurting too much, cut it with fingernail clippers after they have been washed and sterilized with alcohol. Our Calgary Orthodontist here at Chestermere Station Dentistry will be here to take care of it.

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